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Are You a Stylish VT Mom?

Do you always know exactly what’s in season & style? Are you a regular at Vermont boutiques? Can you spot a great deal? 

Are You A Stylish VT MomIf you’re a Vermont mom looking to share your love of fashion/beauty and Vermont shops, you could be a regular featured writer on VT Mommies!

We’re looking for stylish moms to write weekly posts on the latest trends and great local finds. Ideally, we’d like to see a mix of fashion and beauty tips, reviews of local brands, stores, salons and spa, as well as ideas for how busy moms can look fabulous at home and/or work – on a budget!

No matter what your personal style is – trendy or thrift store chic or hard rock princess or whatever – if you know fashion/beauty and you know shopping (in Vermont and beyond), we would love to have you join us.

Here’s How to Get Started





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VT Mommies founder, editor and content contributor. Melissa is also the the mother of two wonderfully active children, a full-time Marketing Director at a Vermont real estate agency and the owner & writer of In her spare time... haha, wait... what is spare time??

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