Fashion Friday – April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday – April 6, 2012

Marilyn Monroe once said,  “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” I couldn’t agree more.

And while Kim Kardashian isn’t Marilyn Monroe by any stretch of the imagination, the two do understand the power of fabulous shoes. If you love shoes but don’t want to spend a fortune, Kardashian’s website, ShoeDazzle, is one you’ll want to check out.

The great thing about ShoeDazzle is that everything on the site is $39.95. Everything. Shoes, handbags, jewelry and even some accessories. When you sign up, you pick a few styles you like and are matched up with specific stylists. Each month you get a showroom of shoes, bags and jewelry that match your style. And if they really don’t fit your style, you click a button and get a whole new set.

Here’s my shoe showroom for April:

Shoe Dazzle Showroom

Very cute for spring and very me.

It used to be that you paid $39.95 every month automatically, and for each payment, you received a credit to be used whenever you wanted. I loved this system because I could save up a bunch of credits when I didn’t see anything I liked and then redeem my credits all at once when I happen to see a few things I liked. Just recently, they did away with the auto payments. Everything still costs just $39.95, but you pay as you go now, like a regular store.

You can even earn extra credits by getting your friends to shop ShoeDazzle. The more friends who shop, the more shoes, bags & jewelry you get. Too easy.

I probably have six pairs of ShoeDazzle shoes and one bag. These aren’t super high quality shoes here, but for $40, who cares. They’ve all held up very well thus far, and the truth is that I have so many I don’t wear any of the them that often! Returns are easy – I returned a pair once because they didn’t fit and they just added that credit back to my account.

If you’re not a ShoeDazzle member yet, check them out here.



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